Who said animal prints were out?

Mhmmm....I'm askin. Just who said they were 'so last season'? They lied. Yep, they lied. You heard it here first. I shoo away the naysayers. -shoo shoo- Animal prints always have been -and- always will be, 'IN'. It's just a matter of choosing the right combination. The right cut. Then wearing that print like you were the animal itself, reincarnated. -RAWR- This is definately something I'd sport real life. Getting my nails done, hitting Starbucks, popping in for a Monte Cristo at my favorite bistro, then -of course- sweeping through some club for a round of dancing and apple martinis.

This super simple, zebra outfit screams "I command the Urban Jungle". Paired with matching zebra print  booties and jewelry, this easy breezy outfit is perfect for any occasion. The cling of the shorts emphasizes the curves, and the super high cut of the shorts allows the line of the leg to simply flow. Making it look impossibly long, paired with those chunky stiletto heeled boots. The scoop neckline give a hint of  delicious cleavage, while the short spunky 'Rihanna bob' shows off the slender neck and adds even more sass.

Stlye Card:
Outfit - Badoura Design - BD Zebra Shirt/Shorts
Shoes - Baby Monkey - Bitchin Booties/zebra
Earrings & Bangles - Trubble - Zebra Set
Hair - Curio - In Space/black w/blonde tips

80's Throwback

Seems everywhere I look lately those styles I wore some 20 odd years ago are popping up on mannequins, store displays, ads, my next door neighbor's kid and of course....SL. Not that I mind, I am rather found of the 80's trends. Poofy skirts, Leggings, ballet flats. The blending of textures, the lacy edges atop shimmering fabric. And -of course- the BIG hair. It's all so very underground music scene campy ya know?

Fab. Pony  seems to really be hitting the mark, producing vinatge clothing with a twist to fit this niche` in game. Her styles are simple yet innovative. They can be worn 'off the rack' or mashed with other designs to create a look that's uniquely you. I choose to go for a simple off the rack look. Pairing the clingy dress with a pair of chunky ankle boots and minimal accessories. Making it a perfect look for hanging with your girl's to catching an early dinner in a laid back atmosphere with your significant other.
Style card:
Dress - Fab.Pony - Raglan Dress
Boots - Arisaris - Charcoal boot buckles {hunt gift}
Hair - Boon - NMR122 {grp gift}
Bangles - Sigma Jewels - Sani Bangles/Charcoal {hunt gift}

Ease In to it, Girl.....

Sometimes you just need to move elegantly from one function to the next, perhaps  your evening consists of cocktails at 6pm then a private viewing of an opera at 9pm. How does one muddle through? How do you prepare without hauling your whole closet with you? Or by disappearing for 30 minutes plus while you stlye a new outfit?...Egads!

The answer? So simple really....find a designer who offers a dress in more than one style. RBZ has this fashion hiccup on lock down! You can easily drift through cocktails with the boss then flow gently into dinner and a show with prospective clients -or- Perhaps that special someone with RBZ's Harlow. This stunning dress comes in two styles- cocktail and formal- both depicted below. This fashion dilemma? Solved!

Notice the embroidered detail. It trails the length of the silhouette breaking up the solid garnet color of this gown, with subtle elegance. The satin evening gowns come in a 16-22 button length making these a traditional style opera length glove. The inverted pleats lend a tufted style to the cocktail style of Harlow while the full, ground dusting legth of the gown radiates pure elegance. Why not take a trip down to RBZ and see what Ralektra Breda has in store for you....

Style Card:
 Dress - RBZ - Harlow {red}
Shoes - B&G - Selena {blanco}
Hair - Magika - Lust {merlot}
Jewelry - Ganked! - Rock Love

Sweeter Than Candy

I came across STC -Sweeter Than Candy- purely by accident. A group I belong to in game happened to be celebrating hitting 15K in members recently, and as part of the celebration, STC sent a cute babydoll dress named Annie paired with matching mimsi flats through in honor of such. And it wasn't untill I looked through my inventory that I happened to find a second babydoll dress from STC. Imagine my delight!

Now forgive me, I can not for the life of me remember how I came across being the proud owner of the lil Betty Blue number, but am I ever grateful! I have tons of cute lil babydoll dresses stashed away in my virtual closet. I tend to save them for my weekends. You know, for when I'm going for that "innocent yet flirty" look.

Babydolls with flats are such an easy choice, ecspecially at the end of the summer season. It doesn't take alot of styling knowhow to flaunt this look with simple hair and accesories, as you can see from the Styling Card that follows. And do be sure to check out STC for yourself and stash a few babydolls in your own closet!

Style Card:
Left Dress -Betty Blue/ Right Dress - Annie both by STC
Hair - Kylie - Truth {both pics}
Earrings - Mini Rose Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry {both pics}
Necklace - Left/Diapop -dp necklace - Right/Rhiamon's Realm - eat me necklace
Bracelets - Right/Sigma - Wood color bangles in avacoda/sea - Left/No bracelets
Shoes- Right/Baby Monkey - STZ Madville Flats - Right/Mimsi Flats {incl. w/dress}

Style Card:

No H8

Wondering what it is? Initially I came across the No H8 Scavenger Hunt, hosted a few months back. At the time there was a brief bio stating that it was to raise awareness for GLBT rights. {gay, lesbian, bi, transgender} I had heard snippets of news casts referring to Proposition 8. I didn't realize that the hunt, was directly related to SL's efforts as a community to support this real world protest.

I never considered myself much of an activist, but I guess all of us are in our own ways. Perhaps selfishly, because we  -well most of us- only step seem to step up when an issue directly relates to ourselves, or our loved ones somehow. Want to learn more about this silent protest before throwing your hat in the ring? For more information---> No H8

I personally am 'straight' but I do however have many friends and yes, even family who this issue effects. I've seen the cold shoulder given in both realms when someone 'reveals' by purpose thier preferences. I've seen the fallout behind people assuming someone is 'queer'.Is that even PC? Dunno but I'm claiming it, in the best of ways. And to show my support  of those in both realms who deal with the hatred and ignorance surrounding thier sexuality and choices, I've joined the No H8 campaign.

Now you might be asking yourself, "How do I show my support?" Glad you asked.... Currently, CreativeEdge Studios is running a promotion. Join the second life group No H8 to show your support, then get in contact with Kaliope Faith, CES's Ceo {alliteration much?} to schedule your FREE shoot. You may now be wondering, "How is this fashion related?", Well first off just cause I said so -winks- But more realistically, YOU are making a fashion statement by what you choose to wear {or not wear}. You are free to use your own styling in making your personal visual statement!  To better explain, I will go straight from Kaliope's flyer...

Cost: All photos will be FREE of charge. If you desire to make a donation, the entire proceeds will go directly to the NO H8 Campaign.

Attire: To participate in this photo campaign you MUST wear all white attire -or- be nude. Dramatic styling is welcomed and accessories can be of any color. The face tattoo as well as the duct tape for your lips will be given to you free of charge when you show up for your shoot.

Display: All photos become property of NO H8 and will be displayed in the NO H8 Photo Garden, CreativEdge Studios and on our official flickr group. You will be given a full rights copy of your photo as well to be used as you please.

So why not head on down and show your support? Kaliope's waiting on ya!

Sidenote: pic1- Heatherly Jewell {moi}, pic2- Gustavas Lefevre, pic3- Kaliope Faith

Yeah, sometimes even I get bogged down....

So right off the top, I'm gonna admit it. I have been WAY behind. I have had so many items dropped on me, some of which were first offered at the Summer of Love venue. I am just now getting to publish the pics for some of these designs. Now, not to worry as it isn't a huge snafu, cause luckily? Yeah, you guessed it, you can find these designs in the respective designer's stores. And you can be sure, more items originally aired at the SoL venue, will be showing themselves in upcoming posts.

This breezy, flowing maxi dress first hit SL at the SoL venue. Made by A-Bomb Designs. "Wild-Zero" shown here in blue and green, paired with the "Sydd" Wedges also by A-Bomb. The wedges are -of course- color change, every girl's dream, right?This was a perfect fit for one of my laid back sundays, in world. You can pick up this lil number for 300L now at the mainstore as well as the wedges for 150L.

Style Card:
Dress - A-Bomb - Wild Zero {blue/green}
Shoes - A-Bomb - Sydd Wedges {color change}
Hair - Truth - Mini
Necklace/Earrings - Garage - Rura Set {prev. grp. gift}
Bracelets - Iced - Heart Lock Bracelet {platinum, DSN server gift}
Lashes - By Kay - Pretty


I had the pleasure of finding Kaliha Noel's store - Xplosion- while doing the Dark Katz Hunt a few months back. I've patronized her store several times since that hunt. She offers a wide variety of styles from cutesy, to grunge, hair to shoes. If you let her...she can outfit you head to toe in something smashing.

Fortunately me, Kaliha was receptive to letting me review her items, her first drop to me? A wonderful lil throwback number, definately on point for this year's summer trends. I chose to wear it with the black shift {included} although it can be worn as the jean top/bottom combo, turning just as many heads.

The shoes slotted to go with this outfit? Divine! Look at the way they crawl up and coil around the calf, it's not often in SL you find a pair of shoes that are so trendy and well made. They come in big/small, beaded/unbeaded, and last but not least, full leg lacings, or ankle length options. That's four different styles in one shoe. Not to mention ladies? You can TP in these babies! No need to show up barefoot!

It's definately worth the trip to her store to find this number, or browse the more than 4 floors of other offerings Kaliha has created.

Style Card:
Outfit - *X*plosion - SummerGlance Outfit {black/light blue}
Shoes - *X*plosion - BeautyRetro Shoes {black}
Hair - Miamai - Ellek Tail {black}
Earrings - Creamshop - Glam Earring {lg/black}
Necklace - Burrough's Jewelry - Sunara Necklace
Bracelets - Gems & Kisses - Luxury Bangles {gold}
Lashes - By Kay - Open

School Daze

So, it's definately that time of year again. School is just around the corner. The Fall lines are starting to hit the market. The nights are a bit cooler, whispering that summer is about to be drifting off. The news {atleast in my neck of the woods} starts rattling off the newest back to schools sales, and glorious talk about the myriad of savings "No Tax" week will bring to the city.

In light of the onslaught of back to school memos, commercials and "ridiculously low" prices, I put together a little outfit for hitting all those sales. Something that protects against the impending,cooler temperatures. And perhaps, against that slimy salesman who tries to get you to buy more than you really need.....
Style Card:
Shirt - Dressing Aphrodite - Free Fallin {blue}
Jeans - Indyra Originals - J'aime Ultra Low Rise
Shoes - Baby Monkey - Ellie Flats
Hair - Boon - HNB582 Hair
Necklace - Aglaia - Flux Collection
Nails - Candy Nail - Esnic Pink
Lashes - Redgrave - Catwalk {12}
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